Root hung out to dry by England elephant in room

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A slew of England greats person lined up to blast the existent medication successful the aftermath of different humiliating Ashes loss.

None were much blistering that Mike Atherton, who wrote successful his file for the The Times that changes astatine the apical weren't conscionable an option, they were a necessity.

"Any conception that determination should beryllium nary overhaul to the make-up and absorption of the England cricket squad — arsenic you are, Ashley Giles, Chris Silverwood and Joe Root according to immoderate — has been demolished by the quality of this latest decision successful the Ashes," helium wrote.

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"Another utterly abject, humiliating collapse, devoid of immoderate method competence oregon warring spirit, saw the bid surrendered by a frightening borderline successful Hobart."

David Gower took higher-ups to task implicit their prioritising of short-form cricket, which reached its nadir successful a humiliating 4-0 bid loss.

Gower, who played 117 Tests, said that England's achromatic shot cricketers had everything they could ever privation successful presumption of extent and resources - but that Joe Root had been near retired to dry.

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Joe Root is bowled connected time 3 successful Hobart. (Getty)

"Poor aged Joe Root, and I bash person genuine sympathy for him, finds himself with radical unavailable, due to the fact that wherever are they? They're successful the IPL. What bully is that to English Test cricket?" He asked connected BT Sport's coverage.

"This is the oldest, much important signifier of the game, we request to support it. We request an England squad that plays it well, that is not languishing astatine the ft - it's hardly adjacent astatine the ft of the World Test Championship."

He said this effect could beryllium the 'big kick' that England needed, and that radical would beryllium fearing for their positions successful the broadside - but was doubtful of wherever replacements would travel from.

"There are players retired determination who would anticipation that they mightiness get a spell arsenic a effect of different people's failures - but they've got to amusement character, they've got to travel into a game."

Another ex-captain, Michael Vaughan, was furious successful regards to the team's cognition during an embarrassing last fewer overs - wherever respective tailenders were dismissed highly softly.

Australia seal triumph successful Hobart

"That's not the mode to decorativeness a Test match, the mode that the England broadside has played successful that past hr oregon so," Vaughan said connected Fox Cricket commentary.

"We were lone connected the transportation astatine beverage clip Warney (Shane Warne), saying England person a genuine accidental of winning.

"Then you spot that 2 hours' aboriginal - it's conscionable not bully enough. As overmuch arsenic the bubble beingness and everything, the deficiency of mentation has not been determination for the England side. When you spot a squad conscionable propulsion successful the towel that's erstwhile you spell 'there's problems'."

"There's existent problems successful English cricket and we request to effort and robust it out. Joe Root, he'll clap the fans, he'll beryllium smiling, but I deliberation there's immoderate existent hard questions that the England squad request to reply aft this."

Former opening batter Mark Butcher was adjacent much scathing, but offered a defence to bowlers throwing distant their wicket erstwhile the lucifer was already lost.

"I was astir to accidental the illness came arsenic a spot of a surprise, but it doesn't really, does it? These speedy losses of wickets look to canine this squad wherever they go," helium said connected BT.

"They bash not look to beryllium capable to bat for immoderate benignant of magnitude of time, and withstand immoderate magnitude of pressure. That was ghastly, it truly was.

Green gets the large breakthrough for Australia

"I don't blasted the bowlers for coming retired determination and having a swish, the crippled is done, they've done their occupation successful this Test match, they've done their occupation successful this series, really."

"Batters conscionable haven't been capable to springiness them capable rest, and that was the epitome of the mode the tour's gone - it was beauteous pathetic successful the end."

England had started the 4th innings brightly, and astatine 1 constituent were 0-68 earlier being each retired for conscionable an further 56 runs.

"There was nary resilience there," Sir Alastair Cook, who was sitting adjacent to Butcher, added.

"As soon arsenic they get enactment nether unit you spot however overmuch resoluteness determination is. They showed a batch successful Sydney, and they utilized it each there.

"That has to beryllium our stone bottom."

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