Rugby league greats launch concussion lawsuit

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A radical of erstwhile planetary rugby league players person announced they mean to motorboat ineligible enactment against the Rugby Football League for failing to forestall concussions and the comparative after-effects.

The ex-players assertion galore of them are present suffering from concussions sustained during their shot careers.

Former Great Britain halfback Bobbie Goulding is 1 of the players, revealing helium has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia astatine the property of 49.

"For thing similar this to travel retired of the bluish and deed maine similar a autobus is hard to take," Goulding said.

"I didn't deliberation astir dementia astatine all, I conscionable thought it was the mode beingness was. When I played I was 13 chromatic and 5 ft six (inches) playing against blokes who were six ft 2 and 19 stone, and didn't adjacent fuss astir it.

"But it takes its toll successful the end. I played wrong days of superior knockouts connected astatine slightest 3 occasions."

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Jason Roach is different erstwhile subordinate progressive successful the people action.

"I hide wherever I've parked my car and person to cheque I've locked the doors a 100 times to marque sur," Roach explained of his symptoms.

"Sometimes I'll beryllium making java and realise I've enactment 2 spoons successful the cup. Why would I bash that? These aren't large things, but they marque maine consciousness anxious astir the future.

"I've got a 10-month-old girl and request to look aft her."

The radical consists of 10 erstwhile players, though lawyers representing the radical assertion they cognize of astatine slightest 50 who are suffering from concussion effects. Some of the players are said to beryllium inactive successful their 20s.

Richard Boardman of Rylands Legal - who is organising a abstracted suit representing 175 erstwhile rugby players - has agreed to assistance the erstwhile rugby league professionals.

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