‘Scariest Thing Ever’: Packed Allegiant Airplane Blows Tire After Rough Landing In Boston

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September 20, 2021 astatine 10:34 am

BOSTON (WBZ-TV) — An Allegiant Air craft traveling from Tennessee to Boston blew retired a tyre connected Sunday aft what passengers described was a unsmooth landing connected the airfield astatine Logan Airport.

There were nary injuries, and the 154 passengers and six unit members deplaned connected the tarmac utilizing aerial stairs, wherever they were past assisted by firefighters and bussed to the terminal.

Passenger Kent Earle relived the horrifying moments helium encountered and captured connected his cellphone portion landing astatine Logan Airport connected Sunday. “Scariest happening ever,” helium tells WBZ-TV. “You’re hearing, ‘Brace. Brace. Stay down. Head down.'”

A changeable of the wrong of the craft connected Sunday. (Photo Credit: Kent Earle)

Earle says helium and his woman were returning from visiting a girl successful Tennessee for parents play erstwhile the formation they were on, Allegiant 2601 to Boston, ran into method problems. “The landing cogwheel didn’t spell down right. And past each of the sudden, afloat connected gas, [the plane] starts going up, and we’re like, ‘Oh no,'” helium says.

While they were successful the aerial attempting to onshore a 2nd time, Earle began texting his loved ones, giving them instructions to instrumentality attraction of his daughter.

Moments later, a formation attendant got connected the intercom system.

“When she started saying, ‘Everybody, we’re going to beryllium doing an exigency landing. We’re going to inquire you, if you perceive america accidental ‘Brace, Brace.’ I virtually thought this was it.”

Fortunately, the level did onshore safely connected the runway.

Passengers exiting the level connected the tarmac. (Photo Credit: Kent Earle)

“When we landed, and everybody’s is successful ‘Brace, brace, brace,’ and it came to a stop, everybody started clapping,” said Earle.

Regarding the incidental Sunday, Allegiant released a connection saying:

Flight 2601 from Knoxville (TYS) to Boston (BOS) experienced a blown tyre upon landing. Because the level was disabled connected the airfield, passengers deplaned via aerial stairs and were bussed to the terminal. There were 154 passengers and six unit members on committee the aircraft. There were nary injuries. 

For their inconvenience, we refunded passengers for this conception of their flight, and gave them $100 vouchers to usage for aboriginal travel.

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