Teary Fifita reveals moment he woke from coma

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Injured Cronulla prima Andrew Fifita has revealed the affectional toll of being successful an induced coma for 5 days successful a Brisbane infirmary aft the Cronulla prop near the tract during his crippled against Newcastle, having copped a deed to his throat.

Fifita was rushed to infirmary and placed successful an induced coma implicit a week ago, earlier doctors performed an cognition to repair a fractured larynx pursuing the incident.

The Cronulla guardant remained successful the coma until Friday.

The erstwhile Origin prop opened up astir the ordeal, revealing the infinitesimal helium woke from the coma.

Andrew Fifita aft copping the deed to the throat. (Getty)

"I heard the doc accidental 'Andrew it's clip to aftermath up'," Fifita told News Corp.

By past I'm f***ing screaming... helium squeezed my hand... past I woke up. I thought it was an hr (had passed by), I didn't cognize it was 5 days.

"I said 'Where's my footy shorts'... and I spell 'Where's my missus? It's been an hour', similar she's 5 minutes up the road.

"He goes 'You cognize it's Friday?' and I said 'What? Bulls--t, it's been an hour', and helium goes 'No you've been present for 5 days successful hospital'."

Fifita couldn't assistance but shed tears during the interrogation and remains successful infirmary speaking with the assistance of a tracheostomy tube.

Fifita was successful a panicked authorities earlier paramedics intervened. (Getty)

The 32-year-old said he's inactive recovering astatine Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital pursuing palmy laryngeal country and is expected to marque a afloat betterment and play rugby league again.

"I was with the surgeons erstwhile they gave the quality to Nikki (Fifita's wife) and there's nary crushed wherefore helium won't marque a afloat betterment to play rugby league again," said Cronulla shot manager Darren Mooney told 2GB.

"He's going good and is overwhelmed by the enactment from everyone successful the rugby league community, arsenic is his woman Nikki.

"The cognition was a existent occurrence and the surgeons expect him to marque a afloat recovery. Hopefully [Fifita] is retired of infirmary arsenic soon arsenic helium tin aft that."

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