Thief Takes Off With Antelope Woman’s Bright Yellow Cotton Candy Trailer

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ANTELOPE (CBS13) — A concern proprietor trying to bounce backmost aft the pandemic has mislaid her livelihood to a thief.

Someone stole Nicole Martinez’s fabric candy trailer from an Antelope vicinity arsenic she was astir to caput to a fair.

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“I didn’t judge it was real. I inactive don’t deliberation it’s real, it feels similar a precise atrocious dream,” Martinez said.

She said she had conscionable gotten location to Antelope aft moving a just successful Boise, Idaho. She was location for conscionable 1 nighttime until her adjacent stop, but a thief struck earlier she could get there, taking disconnected with a trailer that was parked successful a engaged neighborhood.

“They would person had to travel successful astatine an space to adjacent hook up to it, truthful it was a spot much challenging,” Martinez said.

It hasn’t been casual moving successful a concern that depends connected ample crowds of radical successful the mediate of a pandemic.

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“There’s lone constricted fairs that are really afloat going connected astatine this time. I conscionable thought ‘Oh I caught a interruption and yet we’re going to get retired and get open,’ ” she said.

Martinez has been selling candy astatine fairs and festivals for 14 years. Her family, adjacent longer. The trailer is named aft her uncle Marty who ran a candy trailer for six decades.

“It truly hurts due to the fact that it’s been successful my household for a agelong time,” she said.

The thief took disconnected with past and a livelihood. Nicole depends connected the income from the candy trailer to enactment her girl and grandchild. She hopes idiosyncratic volition spot it and telephone it successful truthful she tin get backmost to work.

“I anticipation it was worthy it to them and they’re going to bash thing affirmative with it. I cognize it sounds brainsick but I don’t cognize wherefore idiosyncratic other would bash that to someone,” she said.

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Martinez said she reported the theft to the California Highway Patrol. CBS13 reached retired to them but person not had an update connected the latest with this investigation. If you spot the trailer, you should springiness them a call.

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