What jilted Khawaja really thinks about Langer

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Former Test prima Usman Khawaja has cleared up speculation astir hostility betwixt helium and Justin Langer, and backed the manager to enactment successful complaint of the Australian squad for the Twenty20 World Cup and Ashes despite rumours of discontent.

Khawaja hasn't played successful the Test broadside since helium was dropped during the Ashes successful 2019, with Langer astatine the helm arsenic manager and selector. He played 11 Tests and 22 one-day internationals for Australia nether Langer's watch.

There was speech of a divided betwixt the brace following a heated speech during a nett league shown during Amazon documentary bid The Test. However Khawaja has revealed successful a frank video connected his YouTube transmission that it was those benignant of conversations which brought them person together.

"My narration with Justin Langer is truly good. To beryllium honorable I inactive speech to him, inactive substance to him present and determination to this day, and that's due to the fact that we person a batch of respect for each other," Khawaja said.

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"People deliberation I got dropped due to the fact that I stood up to him, and each these different things, it's really rather the opposite. I consciousness similar I really became person with him and helium really gained my respect and I gained his respect due to the fact that we had immoderate truly honorable and unfastened conversations together.

"I got dropped for the Ashes. There were 2 radical that dropped me; Trevor Hohns and Justin Langer, truthful it wasn't conscionable JL and look betwixt america 2 I don't deliberation I should person been dropped, but hey, cricket is simply a comic crippled and enactment is simply a portion of the game.

"Do I judge I should person been there... successful my heart, yes I bash judge that, but I don't prime the teams, truthful for maine it's h2o disconnected a duck's back. I've been done the ups and downs, I've been dropped, haven't been dropped, it doesn't fuss maine anymore."

Khawaja explained that Langer is "a precise passionate person" and "driven by winning the close way", adjacent though "his top weakness is his emotions".

"But it comes from a precise bully place. And helium knows it," Khawaja said.

"I've chatted to him, he's trying to amended connected that."

Australian batsman Usman Khawaja and manager Justin Langer during the archetypal Test against Pakistan successful 2018. (Getty)

Khawaja expressed disappointment astir Langer's tenure arsenic manager coming into question successful caller weeks arsenic subordinate issues person been aired successful the media, and defended Langer arsenic the close antheral to proceed to pb the team.

"There is thing going connected successful the Australian squad with the players and Justin Langer," Khawaja said.

"I deliberation it's beauteous harsh to justice him connected the past 2 series.

Langer hits backmost astatine unrest claims

"How bash you deliberation JL feels? He astir apt feels similar the guys successful the squad are stabbing him successful the back. And that's what it looks like.

"That's wherefore it's truthful disappointing. It's really a truly atrocious look and it's thing the radical needs to benignant retired ASAP.

"A batch of these things stem from JL wearing his emotions connected his sleeve.

"He deserves the accidental to manager Australia successful the T20 World Cup, helium deserves the accidental to manager Australia successful The Ashes," Khawaja added.

"If aft each that, things are inactive not going well... that is erstwhile you look astatine things and deliberation 'OK, possibly bash we request to alteration something'.

"Just similar you would with a player, springiness him arsenic galore opportunities arsenic you can.

"It's not ever 100 per cent the coach's fault. The guys aren't performing, the players person to instrumentality ownership astatine immoderate stage."

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