Will There Be Major Flooding In Sacramento? What You Can Expect From Sunday’s Storm

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – With the incoming tempest this play and aggregate flash flood warnings, you whitethorn beryllium wondering if you tin expect large flooding successful Sacramento.

Flooding has historically been a occupation successful Sacramento for a agelong time. According to The Sacramento County Department of Water Resources, “Sacramento’s hazard of flooding is the top of immoderate large metropolis successful the country.”

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“Over the past fewer decades, our country has experienced significant, sometimes devastating, flooding. The astir notable flooding occurred successful 1986, 1995, 1997, 2006, and 2017. The Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency identifies Sacramento arsenic the nation’s top metropolitan flood risk.” 

With the National Weather Service’s projections for the upcoming storm—projecting 4.86 inches successful a 24-hour period, which would beryllium the second-highest 24-hour rainfall connected record—can we really expect large flooding successful Sacramento?

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According to CBS13’s Meteorologist Jordan Segundo, the areas astir astatine hazard are the sites of caller wildfires. These areas are present location to “burn scars,” wherever ungraded that was antecedently held successful spot by trees is present overmuch much volatile and susceptible to dense rainfall and imaginable flooding.

If flooding does occur, it volition astir apt impact low-lying areas successful the region, particularly adjacent creeks and streams. Unsheltered residents whitethorn beryllium the astir vulnerable, arsenic galore stateless encampments are situated successful low-lying areas.

However, Sacramento City and County has been making an effort to assistance unsheltered populations, opening up impermanent “storm centers,” wherever the stateless tin find structure this weekend.

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